Monday, January 23, 2017


A return to the wilderness.

There's nothing here.
Just you, the wind, and the grit that covers the ground.
It brushes against your ankles as the breeze sweeps it across the barren terrain. 
You listen closely, yet hear no sound.

This peace is what you searched for;
the quiet is not.
For this quiet is loud with the screams of your heart;
the thoughts that endlessly loop in your head.

But you let the thoughts come, and with them, pain.
The memories of the past come rushing back,
and there is nothing to stop the torrent.

But as soon as it came, it passes, and the quiet isn't loud.
The quiet is still, and calm, and broken only by the moan of the wind.

And then, a voice. A still, small whisper far off in the distance. At first, it cannot be understood what the whisper says, but suddenly, the understanding comes in a rush.

"Be still, My child. Lay down your burdens. Let Me be the one to offer you strength; to restore your weary soul; to give you new life. For I am the one who created you, and I love you so deeply, you cannot know. As tall as the mountains are high; as low as the oceans are deep, I love you more."

Peace and love, warm and sweet, rush over you in waves. Washed in this grace, the warmth spreads and fills; replacing the void just before filled with chaotic, violent thoughts. The quiet is not loud, nor is it silent; and the wilderness around you becomes an oasis. 

Set a stone in the ground, young one; remember this day forever. For today is the day the Lord has led His Bride from the wilderness, and back into His merciful presence. May He be praised forever and ever!

"Therefore, I am going to persuade her, lead her to the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her. Then I will give her vineyards back to her and turn the Valley of Achor into a gateway of hope." - Hosea 2:14-15